They represent thickness as measured in thousandths of an inch such as 35/1000″, 50/1000″, etc… This is the form of measurement that our machine shop is conversant in and as such became our primary unit of measure for the picks.

To translate to millimeters the 40 would be 1.0 mm, a 50 would be 1.25 mm, and a 60 would be
1.50 mm.

The specially formulated material used to create BlueChip Picks is brown as a result of the complex chemical makeup and processes it undergoes.

BlueChip picks is named after our machine shop, Blue Chip Machining.

Unfortunately there is no way to change the color of the material without changing the chemical makeup. Odd as it may seem, BlueChip Picks only come in brown.

The cost of the picks relates to the cost of the material and labor used to create them. We use an extremely expensive, highly proprietary composite material that must be milled with precision that accounts for the bulk of the cost of each pick. The creation of a pick from this exceptional stock is also very labor intensive. Picks are CNC machined, then beveled and polished by hand before being laser etched.

We believe, however, that the result is well worth the price. Read some of the reviews on the product pages at our store and you will see what others are saying about the value of a BlueChip Pick.

BlueChip picks are not instrument specific. They work equally well with any guitar, mandolin, or anything you flatpick. The different shapes and thicknesses were created to suit your personal preferences. Find one that matches your current favorite pick. You can place an american quarter on your pick and then look at our pictures with quarters as a size reference.

We do recommend that dobro / resonator players stick with our thumbpicks that a created for that purpose as they hold up better to the harsh use.