The TP has sharper points than the TPR, the TP1R combines them both, it has two points like the TP and one point like the TPR, which would be the point at the top left.

While we are musicians and have used various picks, we have not used/seen every pick available. Also manufacturers release new pick designs all the time. We have devised a method using an american coin(a quarter) to allow you to judge the relative size of our picks. We will soon be updating this with a ruler to help our international customers.

If you go back to our store, find the pick that closely resembles yours, (which would be in product categories), then click on the button (see 2 more pictures) you can then compare the pictures of picks with quarters lying on top of them and then compare your pick with the same coin. You should be able to judge pick size from that.

They represent thickness as measured in thousandths of an inch such as 35/1000″, 50/1000″, etc… This is the form of measurement that our machine shop is conversant in and as such became our primary unit of measure for the picks.

To translate to millimeters the 40 would be 1.0 mm, a 50 would be 1.25 mm, and a 60 would be
1.50 mm.

They are made of a specially formulated composite material that will withstand very high temperatures and is extremely wear resistant. It contains special lubricants which make the picks very fast off the strings.


The material is very resilient. It will not bend or deform due to temperature or moisture. It has good flexibility. It does not flake or require polishing. BlueChip picks show very little wear after months of use.

However, BlueChip picks are not indestructable. If bent excessively they will break.

They will NOT break during normal use, from being dropped to the ground, from being carried in your pocket, or any other normal situation. They also will not deform in the sun on the dashboard of your car. BlueChip picks can also be run through the washer and dryer with no ill effects.