We do not recommend drilling holes in the picks. Holes compromise the structural integrity, tone, and flexibility of the picks. Though they are very slick on the strings, BlueChip picks have a naturally “tacky” feel in your hand and we do not feel they require holes for grip.

However, if you must drill holes in these picks, it can be done with any standard drill and drill bit. Bear in mind that drilling holes does void your 30 day guarantee.

We offer two bevels, speed and round, on all picks except the Jazz picks. The jazz picks have a rounded bevel. We do not offer any other bevel options.

We currently offer engraving on all of our picks. We are limited to Alphanumeric sequences of varying lengths depending on the pick size. At each product page you can check a box to enable engraving and enter your custom engraving information.  The cost is $5 per pick.

Unfortunately we cannot make custom designed picks an option. All of our picks must be milled from a computer design. The setup cost for custom picks would be far too high and depending on the design, the picks themselves may be even more expensive.