Do you offer C.O.D. ordering?

No, we do not offer C.O.D.’s. We do accept all major credit cards and will accept your personal check.

What are your shipping options?

We ship 5 days a week via USPS or UPS. Full shipping options are shown during checkout.

What is your return policy?

At BlueChip Picks we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason within the first 30 days of ownership, you may return it to us and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Any product that is customized is not returnable. This includes engraving, custom shaping, drilling holes, or any other changes to the stock product done by BlueChip or you the customer.

Learn more about our return policy and how to complete a return by clicking HERE

Will you make me a custom pick shape?

Unfortunately we cannot make custom designed picks an option. All of our picks must be milled from a computer design. The setup cost for custom picks would be far too high and depending on the design, the picks themselves may be even more expensive.

Do you offer custom engraving?

We currently offer engraving on all of our picks. We are limited to Alphanumeric sequences of varying lengths depending on the pick size. At each product page you can check a box to enable engraving and enter your custom engraving information.  The cost is $5 per pick.

Can you make me a custom bevel?

We offer two bevels, speed and round, on all picks except the Jazz picks. The jazz picks have a rounded bevel. We do not offer any other bevel options.

Can I drill holes in my BlueChip Pick?

We do not recommend drilling holes in the picks. Holes compromise the structural integrity, tone, and flexibility of the picks. Though they are very slick on the strings, BlueChip picks have a naturally “tacky” feel in your hand and we do not feel they require holes for grip.

However, if you must drill holes in these picks, it can be done with any standard drill and drill bit. Bear in mind that drilling holes does void your 30 day guarantee.

How tough are these picks?

The material is very resilient. It will not bend or deform due to temperature or moisture. It has good flexibility. It does not flake or require polishing. BlueChip picks show very little wear after months of use.

However, BlueChip picks are not indestructable. If bent excessively they will break.

They will NOT break during normal use, from being dropped to the ground, from being carried in your pocket, or any other normal situation. They also will not deform in the sun on the dashboard of your car. BlueChip picks can also be run through the washer and dryer with no ill effects.

What material are BlueChip Picks made of?

They are made of a specially formulated composite material that will withstand very high temperatures and is extremely wear resistant. It contains special lubricants which make the picks very fast off the strings.


Which pick should I choose?

BlueChip picks are not instrument specific. They work equally well with any guitar, mandolin, or anything you flatpick. The different shapes and thicknesses were created to suit your personal preferences. Find one that matches your current favorite pick. You can place an american quarter on your pick and then look at our pictures with quarters as a size reference.

We do recommend that dobro / resonator players stick with our thumbpicks that a created for that purpose as they hold up better to the harsh use.

Why are they so expensive?

The cost of the picks relates to the cost of the material and labor used to create them. We use an extremely expensive, highly proprietary composite material that must be milled with precision that accounts for the bulk of the cost of each pick. The creation of a pick from this exceptional stock is also very labor intensive. Picks are CNC machined, then beveled and polished by hand before being laser etched.

We believe, however, that the result is well worth the price. Read some of the reviews on the product pages at our store and you will see what others are saying about the value of a BlueChip Pick.

Why are they brown and not blue?

The specially formulated material used to create BlueChip Picks is brown as a result of the complex chemical makeup and processes it undergoes.

BlueChip picks is named after our machine shop, Blue Chip Machining.

Unfortunately there is no way to change the color of the material without changing the chemical makeup. Odd as it may seem, BlueChip Picks only come in brown.

What is your phone number?

(865) 622-5044

What does “awaiting fulfillment” mean?

When your order reaches the “awaiting fulfillment” stage it has been paid for and has moved to our packing department to be packed and shipped. The next status you will see is “shipped”.

This is the order of status we use:

  1. incomplete
  2. complete
  3. awaiting payment
  4. awaiting fulfillment
  5. shipped

You account for the first three, we handle the last two.
Unless there is an issue with your payment, your order will go straight from “complete” to “awaiting fulfillment” and then to “shipped”. As a general rule, orders are moved from “awaiting fulfillment” to “shipped” within one business day.

Where is my BlueChip Pick?

If you have placed an order and have not received your pick please consider the following:

US orders:

  • USPS: Orders to the continental United States usually take 5-7 business days to arrive. Please allow more for holidays. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii will take up to 7-10 business days.
  • USPS Priority Mail: Orders usually take 2-4 business days to arrive at most locations
  • UPS: Orders take the time you pay for. We offer Ground(3-6 days), 2nd day, and next day air

Canada and Mexico Orders:
Orders to Canada and Mexico usually take 2 full weeks to deliver and occasionally 3 weeks.

Other International Orders:
Orders to other parts of the world vary greatly. We do not know how long shipping and customs delays are in each country, but picks generally do not arrive in other countries for 3-4 weeks. Please use common sense and your own past experience to judge whether or not your picks should have arrived or not, some countries mail systems delay incoming mail considerably.

What if I have waited the stated time and I still don’t have my picks?
If you have not received your picks in the time stated above, please contact us and we will rectify the situation immediately.

What do the numbers on the picks represent?

They represent thickness as measured in thousandths of an inch such as 35/1000″, 50/1000″, etc… This is the form of measurement that our machine shop is conversant in and as such became our primary unit of measure for the picks.

To translate to millimeters the 40 would be 1.0 mm, a 50 would be 1.25 mm, and a 60 would be
1.50 mm.

Can I make my pick thinner?

You can reshape the material by standard methods. Sandpaper can be used. We would suggest starting out with 220 and then 400 and then 600 and  1000. The black wet and dry sandpaper works the best, if you use it with a steady stream of water that will keep the paper clean. Be advised that this material is difficult to shape.

We recommend that you not go any thinner than .035″(35 thousandths) or .85mm.

Remember that any modification of the pick will void our 30 day guarantee.

What is your warranty?

We guarantee your full satisfaction for thirty(30) days and offer a full refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason. Just return the picks and we will refund your purchase price.

Click here for more info on how to start a return.

We have been asked if we offer a lifetime guarantee. Although our picks are very long lasting and extremely durable, they do not last forever and will wear eventually. All picks are consumables and will eventually wear out. Ours just take much longer than others.

Which pick matches my current pick?

While we are musicians and have used various picks, we have not used/seen every pick available. Also manufacturers release new pick designs all the time. We have devised a method using an american coin(a quarter) to allow you to judge the relative size of our picks. We will soon be updating this with a ruler to help our international customers.

If you go back to our store, find the pick that closely resembles yours, (which would be in product categories), then click on the button (see 2 more pictures) you can then compare the pictures of picks with quarters lying on top of them and then compare your pick with the same coin. You should be able to judge pick size from that.

What is the difference between a reso thumb pick and a regular thumb pick?

The only difference between the dobro/reso thumb picks and our regular thumb picks is blade thickness. The regular thumb picks(BCT-1L, BCT-1M, BCT-JDL, BCT-JDM) have a blade thickness of .0050″ or 1.25mm. The dobro/reso thumb picks(BCT-RESO-JD, BCT-RESO-JDM) have a blade thickness of .0060″ or 1.5mm.

Can I reshape my pick?

You can reshape the material by standard methods. Using sandpaper, I would suggest starting out with 220 and then 400 and then 600 and finally 1000.
The black wet and dry sandpaper works the best if you use it with a steady stream of water that will keep the paper clean.

What is the difference between the right and left hand bevels?

If you hold your pick in your right hand,and on the down stroke the bottom and the edge facing the headstock is striking the string, that would be a right hand beveled pick.

Vice versa, if you hold your pick in your left hand,and on the down stroke the bottom and the edge facing the headstock is striking the string, that would be a left hand beveled pick.

What is the difference in the TPR pick versus the TP1R pick?

The TP has sharper points than the TPR, the TP1R combines them both, it has two points like the TP and one point like the TPR, which would be the point at the top left.

What is your shipping address?

Our Shipping Address is:
BlueChip Picks

211 JD Yarnell Industrial Parkway

Clinton, TN 37716