Custom JD Crowe designed thumb picks now available!


BlueChip Picks is proud to announce our latest thumb pick design, the BCT-JD. The JD thumb pick was designed by JD Crowe and created by BlueChip Picks to his exacting specifications.  “I really like the tone of this pick.” He says, “…in thirty years, I have never had a thumb pick that matched the power and tone of my metal finger picks until now. This is a great thumb pick.”  Everything from the length and radius of the blade, to the placement of the JD initials on the underside is the way Mr. Crowe designed it. The metal band has a new, wider radius that we are now using on all our thumb picks.

“This is a great thumb pick.”

JD would not have been willing to design this pick, had he not been so impressed with our BlueChip pick material. He told us, “It doesn’t get scratchy like other picks…it’s always very slick and smooth off the strings.”  JD also mentioned that he could use the thumb pick on his guitar and then use it on his banjo without it sounding scratchy.  He loved the durability and that he could wear it for hours and it did not move and turn. He also mentioned that he liked the way the band wraps around and does not get caught on the fifth string.

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After much research and development, BlueChip Picks is proud to announce the addition of our one of a kind thumb picks to our product lineup. Musicians all over the world who have tried our flat picks on their other instruments have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these thumb picks and you can be sure they will not disappoint. We have carefully considered hundreds of designs and design factors in order to create the best possible product.

The BlueChip thumb pick has the same great characteristics of our world renowned flat picks. Such as:

  • Extremely durable wear
  • No polishing
  • Great tone
  • No pick noise
  • Excellent pick speed – no drag on the strings

In order to create this thumb pick, we have shaped one of our unique picks and attached it to a custom laser cut stainless steel band that is polished and shaped by hand. Our stainless steel band design doesn’t pinch like plastic when you first put it on and stays in place on your thumb better than inexpensive thin metal bands.

These sizes correspond to standard thumb pick sizing.

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