I was very skeptical when I first read the article about Blue Chip Picks in “Vintage Guitar Magazine” in the fall of 2008. The claims about the unbelievable tonal and physical characteristics seemed way beyond belief. Having played guitar for 55 years I just had to give them a try and I was amazed by the outstanding feel, fluidness on the strings, and the connection they create with my fingers.I have shown these picks to several of my flatpickin’ friends and they have been truly amazed. I first met Matt at SPBGMA last year and found him to be very professional, caring, and concerned about my needs for picks that support my style of playing. We have since talked many times and he is always courteous and prompt in taking care of business.

My wife Linda plays upright bass and we have been performing as a duo; “The Trustys of Davo Crossing” for 13 years in The Southeastern United States. She is the current Magnolia State Bluegrass Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year for 2010. When she first heard me play guitar with The Blue Chip Pick, she was also impressed.

Keep up the good work!

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  • Instrument:Guitar