My name is MARC PRUETT, and I have been using a BLUE CHIP thumb-pick EXCLUSIVELY since Early Spring of 2009. In fact, I have not played a single note on stage (or off) using a plastic thumb-pick since starting with BLUE CHIP! I am a traditional player…and have always used a plastic thumb pick. Using a metal-combo thumb-pick really was a jump for me mentally…but practically…it only took me a couple of days to get used to the idea…but I have to tell you…my BLUE CHIP THUMB PICK works wonderfully!Here it is in a nutshell: MY THUMB KNOWS WHERE TO GO…BETTER!!! How can I put a value on that? Simply said, it is a blessing to have found this pick and this company. Matthew Goins and BLUE CHIP PICKS are helping me make my living…and I’m having fun doing it, because I am a more confident player.

Get this…here’s the advantage…THE PICK FITS MY THUMB ALL NIGHT. Remember the old plastic, celluloid thumb-picks that would loosen up over a set because they would warm and stretch…and you’d have to change to a fresh one? Not now. Also, these thump-picks don’t “roll around” my thumb…it stays in place through the whole song! Here’s the big plus…the pick does not show any wear on the blade! That is due to the HIGH QUALITY BLADE MATERIAL the company uses. This translates to playing off the exact same “point-place” on the end of the pick…now, there is no shortening of the blade over time…meaning you can play more precisely consistently, because the blade stays the same length. Here is another cool thing…the blade material STAYS POLISHED…no more scraping, scratchy, oxide covered, rust-whatever-thump-pick-blades. The BLUE CHIP THUMB PICK stays slick…it keeps its polish. Not one time have I had to touch up the polish on the blade…and I play the banjo hard…play some guitar…and play a lot of lap steel. THAT BLUE CHIP THUMB PICK JUST KEEPS ON GOING!

If you’d have told me all this before I used my BLUE CHIP THUMB PICK, I’d have probably been skeptical. Not now. I am convinced that this is the best new product for “picked” finger players to come along in years. Banjo, Reso, Guitar…then there’s my lap steel! You’ve got to know this…these BLUE CHIP THUMP PICKS ARE FABULOUS!

I’m the type of person who revels in finding a way to improve my playing, as well as finding a product that WORKS…and one that I COMPLETELY BELIEVE IN! I can tell you that I found this product in BLUE CHIP THUMB PICKS, and I have found quality, capability, and honesty in my friend, MATTHEW GOINS…developer and owner of the BLUE CHIP COMPANY.

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