We have been using Bluechip picks for over 5 years. We are so amazed by the picks that there are almost no words to do them justice! Every pick is custom made and gives the instrumentalist a different sound option. Sarah plays her Loar mandolin with a Bluechip pick and refuses to use any other pick. Jay and Seth are well pleased with the reduction of pick noise when they play guitar. Josh Pickett, lead guitarist says ” Bluechip picks give me tone and speed that no other pick can.” Spencer Strickland, Mandolinist for the group says ” I like using a pick with a sharper point than most picks have, and I always have had problems with other picks wearing down. NOT with Bluechip picks! I have been using the same pick for three years and its still going strong!”
The Church Sisters and the band will continue to use the picks because there are no other picks that even compare to the excellent quality of Bluechip picks! We thank Matthew Goins for providing us with the most incredible product ever created in the music industry!

Additional Info

  • Band: The Church Sisters
  • Website: Website
  • Instrument: various